Ron Clark: What teachers really want to tell parents


It’s been ages since I wrote a post for all types of personal and professional reasons, but I just had to jump in and post this article that I read today. I applaud Ron Clark for what he has done for education and what he writes for CNN…

Editor’s note: Ron Clark, author of “The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck — 101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers,” has been named “American Teacher of the Year” by Disney and was Oprah Winfrey’s pick as her “Phenomenal Man.” He founded The Ron Clark Academy, which educators from around the world have visited to learn.

(CNN) — This summer, I met a principal who was recently named as the administrator of the year in her state. She was loved and adored by all, but she told me she was leaving the profession.

I screamed, “You can’t leave us,” and she quite bluntly replied, “Look, if I get an offer to lead a school system of orphans, I will be all over it, but I just can’t deal with parents anymore; they are killing us.”

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How I was Shamed into Buying New Flowers

There is an apartment in my complex that has a crooked blind. It’s on the second floor and is hanging wonky and bent. I think it looks so tacky; I cringe whenever I drive by. I know I’m not supposed to care what other people think, but I hate to consider what people think when they see that. I live in a fairly nice apartment complex – it’s not the lap of luxury by any stretch of the imagination, but there aren’t many options in this small town.

The next door apartment has been empty for a few weeks, and I have been so curious as to who would move it. Lo and behold a single mother and her teenage daughter moved in this past weekend. As I was standing outside greeting them, I looked over onto my porch to see this:

And I realized…I’m no better than the crooked blind people. What an awful sight for this lady who is starting her life over next door to me.

Yesterday, I hightailed it over to Home Depot to find a handful of annuals that were on sale. Most of them claim to bloom well into the fall, so I’m hoping that they’ll last for a while. Longer than my first set of plants, at least.

After laying out the possibilities and fiddling with the arrangement, I have a brand-spankin’ new  flower pot.

Maybe this time I’ll remember to water them.

Pinnable Me: The Non-Work Edition

Our school building opened up this week for teachers, which means I have spent the past three out of four days working on getting my classroom set up. The only reason I didn’t go today was that they didn’t open up. A blessing in disguise, I believe. Off and on this summer, I’ve had spurts of productivity, working hard on creating documents, formatting labels, reading books, and pinning ideas (gotta love Pinterest!). In fact, this week it’s been a struggle to come home and get much of anything done in the evenings, including blogging. Since I have one week until I officially have to go back to work, and therefore only one more week to fully enjoy my “summer break,” I thought I’d focus on something totally different for Pinnable Me, hosted by paw prints and pastry bags.

Here are a few home ideas I’m loving over on Pinterest:


My bed has been decked out in blues and greens for years, but after seeing this beauty, I’m considering a change to something whiter and brighter. Maybe the addition of a white quilt would be enough?


I just adore this sign for the front door! It’s also in my DIY folder because it looks so do-able. Either way, it’s definitely something I want for my home.

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest


And, finally… I’m not madly in love with the colors of this desk, but I am all over the set-up. I love the idea of using a table as a desk so long as it stays clutter-free. This picture sums up almost exactly what I’m looking to find and then put together for my apartment.

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Weight Watchers Wednesday / Thursday

I’m so late writing this that it’s practically Thursday. Today was just a wild day running around Charlotte shopping for school supplies, followed by a killer headache, all ended with a delicious lemonade cupcake.

And speaking of delectable delights, I thought I’d share with you a website that I just love, that has unknowingly kept me on track when it comes to Weight Watchers. For all of my non-WW friends, don’t shy away from this site. I’m afraid I’d love it even if I were not on the plan!

Ginas Skinny Recipes

Skinny Taste is the home of 90% of my favorite recipes, including the Pink Lemonade Confetti Cupcakes. I also adore the Strawberry Squares. Obviously I’m a fan of sweets.

I’ve also found great success with their supper recipes, even ones that please the not-on-a-diet boyfriend. The Lighter Chicken Saltimbocca and Corn Salsa with Lime are favorites that show up often in my meal plan.

Now it’s your turn: What websites are helping you lose or maintain weight?

A Trip to Mast General Store

I recently got to visit the Mast General Store in the capital city with the boyfriend and the in-laws. I’ve heard a good bit about it, but never been in this particular store. I snapped away a boat-load of pictures just for you…Or for the boyfriend should he need any ideas for birthday gifts. ;)

Can you read what that jar is? It’s most definitely ComPOOst from the local zoo. From the elephant exhibit. So, yea… After seeing this beauty, I knew deep in my heart what a treat I was in for as I toured the rest of the Mast General Store.

I love all things Tervis Tumbler. I’m a hoarder of all things with a South Carolina flag on it. Thus, my loud squealing when I saw this cup. And, no, I did not buy it, but I will own it one of these days.

If I could sum up what I want my house to look like in one piece of fabric, it would be this napkin (the one on the right, although the other isn’t so bad). The blue and green are strikingly similar to my living room and bathroom paint colors, so I’m trying to see how I can build up the rest of my design around these colors. It’s my very own Sue the Napkin!

Hehehe…because every jar needs a bonnet. For a whopping $1.49, this could  be yours to top any jar (it’s elastic, you see). I do love the south, but maybe I’m missing some vital component to storing items in my pantry.

I want a biscuit bowl. Not a premade one like this, but a real-older than my grandma-used one. The end.

Since we’re talking about all things southern, how would you like your very own Confederate States of America tie? No?!? But, it’s an illustrated history of the Civil War!

I guess a Declaration of Independence tie will have to do. In case you ever forget the words, you can always just look at your tie. Perfect!

I want to leave you with this beauty. It was not found at the general store, but at the shop next door. I’ll admit that it was the shine that caught my attention first. But, oh my. Did you notice the details on the tips? That’s high quality right there!