Finding Friends


I’ve got the best friends from high school. It’s amazing that we’ve stayed friends for so long, although we always knew that we would. We’ve survived going to different colleges, moving an hour away from each other, and then currently living over three hours apart. It’s not always been easy, but our phone calls make it all worth it. I can talk to my bestie every few months and hang up feeling like I’ve just talked to someone who finally sees the real me. It’s refreshing.

Tonight, we were talking about finding new friends. At our age (25, by the way), it’s hard to find new friends. Neither of us are the going-to-the-bar type. We don’t really go out that often. How are we supposed to meet friends? We’ve met some people through work that we’re friends with, but that’s not very much. Apart from them, what is there for us to do? It’s not like we can walk up to someone at the bookstore and say, “What’s your name?” without them thinking we’re hitting on them.

Maybe we should go the old school route: “Would you be my friend?”

Does anyone have any ideas for how single girls in new towns can meet new friends?


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