presentMy birthday was last week. I spent some wonderful time with friends and family and celebrating turning a quarter century. That means I’m due for a Quarter-Life Crisis sometime soon, right?

I don’t expect much in the way of gifts for my birthday. Or any holiday, for that matter. I’m all about giving and getting gifts that have some thought put into it. Making gifts that are meaningful to the receiver. Last year for Christmas, I made baskets of homemade goodies for my family. To me, it means more than giving socks. I also don’t spend tons of money. Maybe that’s because I’m a teacher and don’t make much. Maybe it’s not. Who knows?

Anyway, I got a birthday present in the mail today from someone. It was a very expensive gift. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But it cost $150!! The gift-giver’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I got her a monogrammed coffee mug (she loves coffee) and note pad set. Definitely didn’t cost close to that much. I feel bad for not spending as much, but then again, gifts aren’t about the money – they’re about the thought, right? Do I overcompensate with her Christmas gift? Do I just let it go and be thankful that they have the money to gift things like that? It’s hard to find that balance between guilty and gracious.


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