Pay Day & Earthfare


Payday is the best day ever! In fact, I’m going to go up to Target to get some vitamins, which will hopefully curb this upset stomach of mine.

Did you see that Earthfare will let you trade in many products with High Fructose Corn Syrup for their brand without it? I was very excited about this because I’ve been trying hard to limit the amount of HFCS in my diet. So, I went digging through my pantry for soda, salad dressing, peanut butter, or jelly with HFCS in it. Do you know what I found? One measly bottle of peanut butter. ONE. I guess that means I’ve been doing alright with cutting the corn, but it was disappointing, also. I’m all about getting some free food! :)


2 thoughts on “Pay Day & Earthfare

  1. Oh, payday. How I love thee. I only get paid once a month in my job and its just the worst! But it does make that one payday so much sweeter! …And you KNOW how I feel about Target!!! Happy shopping!! And feel better soon!

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