My Letter to Apple


Dear Apple,

I recently had a dream that I was able to get an iPhone. You see, I’ve wanted one since they came out, but I’m just not willing to pay the extra cost. If you just incorporate a few of the changes that were revealed to me in a dream, then I would be much more willing to get it regardless of the cost. In fact, I know many southern girls who would also do the same.

1. Book reading ability – Similar to the Kindle, I should be able to read any book on my iPhone. Better than the Kindle, I should be able to feel the pages and turn them manually. Ideally, I could choose a book on the screen and then it would pop out of the phone for me to use and then descend back into the phone when I am done. I just can’t buy into the reading online thing since I can’t feel the pages. This would alleviate that concern.

2. Note taking ability – I should be able to use your specially-designed pen to take notes on the previously mentioned book. In doing so, your iPhone should be able to capture the entire page and save it separately from the book. This way, I might actually read the books for my graduate classes. My professors would thank you.

3. Needle-threader – I hate threading the needle on my sewing machine. I also hate finding a particular color of thread in that big basket of mine. You should create an application that, when chosen, will have a thread spool come out of the iPhone. I should then be able to prethread everything, then have it descend back into the phone. Being able to do this for all of my thread would be amazing. It sure would help to organize my life.

Now, Apple, I understand that many of these things are not practical, nor do they make sense mechanically. For, how could all of my thread be stored, prethreaded, into an iPhone? But, I do believe you could make lots of money by finding a way to make this happen. I also understand that this may sound strange to you guys, but please know – I’m a Southern girl, and these are the things that I think about.

Hopefully an iPhone owner one day,


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