Finding Myself

I really needed a Thanksgiving break. I mean, I really needed it. I was getting bogged down with work and stressed about everything. I needed some time with myself and my Engineer to focus on getting my life back together. What did I do, you ask? Here’s a brief run down:

  • Starting reading again – I used to read A LOT. I haven’t read one book since school started in the fall. I realized that I am a reader. I am also a teacher. Those two things are not and should not be mutually exclusive.
  • Went shopping – I’m on a quest to improve my wardrobe. More on that to come.
  • Saw a movie – Twilight: New Moon. It was great.
  • Bought Adobe CS4 Web Premium – I needed it in December for my next grad school class anyway, but I went ahead and got it. Then I got this awesome book and have spent every free minute creating websites.
  • Baked – I made a chocolate pie, three pumpkin pies, and cranberry muffins. Baking is very relaxing for me.
  • Went to the Symphony – It was lovely, and a nice date night. We’ll have to go again sometime.
  • Spent time with the Engineer – He’s so good to me. He keeps me grounded and makes sure I look out for myself and stay true to who I am. We needed this weekend together

As you can see, I was busy this weekend, but I soaked up every minute of the 5 days I had off work. I went in this morning feeling like Maggie the person, not Maggie the teacher again.

Let’s hope it lasts.


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