My Word

I love the idea of choosing a word to focus on for the upcoming year, but I had a difficult time thinking of something. I’m at a strange place in life, feeling sort of in between. And so, I think my word for the year will be…


I want to find the peace in my life. I’ve been happy in this job for 3 years, but I’m starting to feel the itch to leave. I need to focus on being peaceful there regardless of how I may be feeling. I should be working hard at where God has placed me for this time rather than always focusing on just getting through the day. Along the same lines, I’m not sure if I’m doing what I want to, career-wise. I need the peace in my heart to realize where I should be going – and when. And, in my personal life,  I need to be peaceful about where I am – dating the man of my dreams – and stop pushing toward the future. Instead of always looking for what is to come, I am going to try to look at today and what makes me happy, today. I need to be peaceful with who I am as a person and work to cultivate that. I am not a teacher – I am a woman who reads, bakes, organizes, and teaches. It is only a part of me, and I want to find the peace in letting it diminish into only a part.

So, in a nutshell, I will be working this year on becoming more peaceful and having more peace in my heart.

If you had to choose a word for 2010, what would it be?


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