You too, Charlie.

Every night of my senior year of college, my roommate and I would sit together to watch Charles Gibson on ABC World News. No matter what was going on, we were watching Charlie at 6:30. I don’t know how it started, but it was a treasured break for the both of us.

Without a doubt, the best part his sign-off: “I hope you had a good day, from all of us at ABC News, have a good night.” We then followed with: “You, too Charlie.”

Admittedly, it has been a while since I watched Charles, but that’s because life has changed and so has my schedule. I’m not always free at 6:30, but when I do, I always think of her and what good times we had. Tonight I needed some Charlie and decided to watch ABC for my world news. I was shocked – SHOCKED – to see on the TV guide “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.” WHAT?!? It took a bit of googling, but it seems that my dear Charlie has retired, effective January 2010. I guess I’m a bit behind the times.

Charlie, you were a part of my wonderful college years. You were in the background of the best times with my roomie. You gave us a common language. You were my link to the outside world when it felt that I was drowning in college. Charlie, you will be missed.


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