I had a rare treat today. My mom drove up to spend a few hours with me. It was wonderful to spend the time together and to go shopping at some of my favorite places. I’m slowly trying to redo my house into something more cohesive and not so much a mix-match of college hand-me-downs. I saw slowly, because, although I’ve got a vision for each room, I’m not running out to purchase everything at once. As I see something that works, then I’ll get it. Ideally, within a few years, it will all look “more like me.” Here’s the damage for today:

Citrus Cilantro Reed Diffusers

I’ve been on the look out for some great reed diffusers, but hadn’t decided on which one I wanted yet. My mom currently uses Ginger Peach, which I love, but I didn’t want to use the same scent! I only bought one, just to make sure I still like it in a few weeks. If so, then I’ll go get a few more to spread around the house.

I also got some beautiful green pillows. This is not an exact match, but that’s only because I can’t find mine on their website. Same general idea, although the pattern is dark green (not brown) and more similar to the pattern on the rug below.

No, I didn’t buy this, but I’m digging the Damask Rug. It’s a perfect match to my pillows, don’t you think? With a tan couch, it would be just loverly.


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