My Thoughts on Coffee

Back in college, I was a coffee drinker. I drank it before my early classes or when up late studying. I don’t know when I first started drinking it, or when I stopped, for that matter. It was unintentional…I guess I stopped needing it.

In the past year or so, my mornings have becoming increasingly rough. I tried drinking hot chocolate in the mornings. Then tea. It just wasn’t working for me. I guess I’m not getting enough sleep, but I can’t get to bed any earlier than what I do, thanks to grad school in the evenings.

All this to say – I jumped back into drinking coffee this morning. Now, I drink a soda or two a week, but GIRL… the caffeine. I guess my body wasn’t used to it, so I was insanely wired. My students thought it was hilarious. I couldn’t hold still for a minute. While they were reading, I was cleaning with Clorox wipes. While they were talking, I was sorting papers. I’m much calmer now, thankfully. But, boy, did we got some work done today!


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