I’ve been feeling the need for change lately. This happens every now and then, where I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. I don’t intend to do anything drastic, nor would I want to. But, I need some change in my life.

Lately, I’ve been looking at my bathroom. I’ve had the same shower curtain/towels/rug since college and I’m frankly wanting something new.

Here is the shower curtain that I currently have:

All of my towels and rugs are a dark green to match the leaves of the plants. I originally bought it because I was living in an apartment with light green walls (similar to the lighter color of the stems) and I could not paint. Do the best with what you have, right?

Well, I’m wanting something not so young, with richer colors. I’m leaning towards the reds and golds, but I’m nervous of making the room too dark. The two shower curtains that I’m currently loving are:


I really think that I like the second one better for the colors, but I also like the stripes of the first. My walls are currently a very light beige, but I can paint to suit. I know I’ll need to get new accessories, but I’m stuck on what colors would match too well. Clearly my strength is not home design.

What are your thoughts? A preference between the two? How do I accessorize with paint/rug/etc?


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