Finding the Positive

I work in a place where I need to be upbeat, helpful, and cheerful the majority of the time. It’s draining, both physically and emotionally. But, what would my students do if I came in hollering and screaming, or even upset for that matter, because I had a bad night? None of it is their fault, and I must remember that.

The teachers that I work with are darlings, and I know they would do anything I asked them to. But, lately, I’ve become overwhelmed. I’m stressed because I’m always stuck doing the “dirty work.” I’ve found myself, lately, taking it out on another teacher. Honestly, although I am highly frustrated with what she is (not) doing, I cannot be taking out my anger on her.

I need to woman up and tell her what’s bothering me. I need to find a more appropriate way to tell her that she needs to step up to the plate. She needs to start following the expectations of the school before we all get in trouble.

Ladies, it’s tough. It’s tough to let go of my frustrations because they’re not doing me – or my students – any good. And, it’s that the reason I’m teaching?

So, my question for you: How do you stay upbeat even when you’re stressed/tired/feeling out of control?


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