Where did I go, you ask? I can hardly believe it myself…

I ran over a nail and had to get a plug in my tire. Except the nail was almost in the sidewall. To all you non-tire-aficionados out there, that means it almost can’t be fixed.  Only it really can if you promise the dealer you won’t go over 60.

Then I drove an hour to meet my mom in the Little Big Town for our day of make up and clothes shopping. Bought my first Bare Escentuals make up. Prior to Saturday, I was a Cover Girl #4. Nothing else would do. Mainly because I didn’t know how to match anything else.

Then I had to buy new tires for my car. Because I love dropping $600 on things like that. I especially love spending that much money when it takes them an hour longer than promised and I’m stuck in the Big Town for TWO HOURS at night alone with nothing to do. Makes me feel very safe. Thank you tire people.

Oh, and did I mention that my apartment has been wavering between 60 and 65 degrees for the past 5 days? With the heat set on 75? And my landlord won’t call me back? To be honest, maintenance came over TODAY to fix it, after getting 4 messages and endless phone calls.

So, I think things are back to normal, except for my bank account, and I can get back to regular blogging. Assuming I stay warm, of course.


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