Days I Love My Job

There are some days that I get bogged down in the democracy of my job. The papers, the testing, the management. I forget why I’m actually a teacher. Days like today remind me of why I joined this profession.

During reading, we’ve been reading this hilarious book, Sideways Stories from Wayside School.  Each chapter is about a different student and one of my kids said, “Where is the focus of this book??? You always tell us to stay on topic and this author isn’t doing that!!” I love that they are questioning authors and decoding the purpose behind the text.

Then, about 2 months ago, we read a book called, The Old Woman Who Named Things. In the library, one girl was sitting in a rocking chair and said, “Look! I’m the old lady who names things. And my chair is named Fred!” So funny. So so funny.

Finally, during math, I fussed at one student and another started laughing. I turned and said, “Quit laughing!” As I looked around the circle everyone was trying so hard not to laugh. Biting their lips, tears in their eyes. It was so funny, I burst out laughing so hard. Silly kids.

My thought was that, if I am this proud of my students, whom I have known for 6 months, then how am I going to handle being a mother? Oh, I can’t even imagine the depths of emotion…


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