What ifs…

What ifs run through my mind all the time. What if I lost my job? What if I moved to another city? What if I quit teaching? And, most recently, What if I became pregnant?

When the idea popped in my head yesterday, my initial thought was, “I hope not!” It’s not in the plans. It’s not what I have worked out for my life. I’m not married. I don’t own a house. I don’t have enough saved up. I’m just not ready.

Regardless of my initial protesting, I know that I would be okay. I would love that baby because he would have been created in love, and I know he would be raised in love. So, if a surprise is waiting for me in a few weeks, then I know in my heart that we’ll make it through stronger and better for it.

But, Surprise? Just wait a few years, okay?


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