I have a confession:

In my head, I am really good with money. I budget, I save, I am comfortable with my salary.

In real life, I’m awful at that. I budget, but things don’t work out. I tried the cash system, but I stole money from one envelope to pay for another. It’s bad, people.

I know this is a life skill, and I know I should have learned it when I was younger, but I’m finding more and more people my age are struggling with this as well. I didn’t save as a child, and I fear that has influenced my current predicament. Of course, I need to step up and be and adult. Fight through my desire for new clothes and let my urge for savings and comfort take over.

So, I need to try again, with renewed interest. And, this time, I have figured out the trick to saving. Move money to an account that I don’t see very often, so I forget it’s there!


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