How a stranger got me out of my funk

I went to Earthfare yesterday to pick up the free granola and coffee beans (I hope you have room in your freezer, Mom, because you’re getting my coffee on Friday). If you couldn’t tell by my last post, I’ve been struggling with finding peace in accepting my current season of life (not looking into the future all the time).

So, I’m at Earthfare with my hands full trying to scoop out coffee beans into this dern bag with this crazy closing contraption that was NOT made for people to do with their hands full. Especially those of us that are having a rough week.

I’m trying to set down the bananas (Why did I not get a basket?) and this older gentleman walks over and asks if he could help. I usually smile and say, “No thank you!” but I was clearly needing some assistance. I asked if he could close the coffee bag for me, which he did. He handed the bag back to me and with a smile went back to his wife and daughter who were watching us. That was all.

For him.

To me, it showed me that the kindness of strangers should be welcomed with open arms and not always shunned. That doing something for someone, as small as closing a bag, can lift their spirits. That the generosity we can show to those around us may help the lonely feel better for a day or two.

It’s a reminder that we are not alone in this world and can only make it through with each other.

So, thank you Earthfare Stranger, for opening my eyes to the real world and reminding me to appreciate the small things (like living in the South!)


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