Spring Break, Version 1

Today was my first official day of Spring Break, and it could not have come at a better time. After having a tough few weeks at work, I am ready to relax and goof off for a while.


This morning, I went to Target and took my time! No more rushing to get home before it got too late. Oh, how lovely it was to browse. And can I just say: How awesome is it that I can be visiting a different state, walk into Target and STILL know exactly where to find something?
Tissues at Target.jpeg
Spring Break also means pollen. Lots of pollen. Which means tearing into the tissues before I even leave the Target parking lot.

Maggie ComicMaggie Surprised
Maggie Warhol

It also means enough time to take useless photos of myself in Photobooth.

I might have been catching up on The Tudors, thanks to Netflix. By catching up, I mean watching every episode, starting at the first season.

Tomorrow there are more plans to wander through some great shopping areas. Can’t wait to see what treasures I can dig up!


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