Spring Break 2: I love old houses

In lieu of going shopping, as I had originally planned, I decided to go peering into someone else’s home.

No, but really. There’s this beautiful home not too far away that was originally built in England in the 1400s and then carried over here in the 1920s due to its impending demolition. Knowing my great love for all things Tudor (family, homes, and TV show), I had to go visit. The very nice lady at the desk gave me the student/AAA discount, despite the fact that 1) my grad school doesn’t give out IDs and 2) I am not a member of AAA. I offered up that I was a teacher, and apparently that’s good enough. Love these Southern women!

Agecroft Garden
Thankfully, I had about 30 minutes before and another 30 after to peruse the gardens of this outstanding abode. There’s the typical herb garden and various walkways, but the Sunken Garden was full of just-bloomed tulips which were breathtaking.

Agecroft Tulips 1

The garden wasn’t too crowded, which made for a lovely time. I really enjoyed the inside of the home as well, but was slightly disillusioned as to the amount of the home which was original to the English version. Regardless, it was built with an incredible eye for design and history. I must say, though, apart from the tulips, the highlight had to have been seeing Elizabeth I’s official seal on a pardon document. It was much larger than I expected.

Agecroft Tulips 2

Overall, it was an afternoon spent relishing in my wish-to-be-English but yet loving my Southern roots. Can’t wait to see what Wednesday digs up!


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