Spring Break Day 3: More Old Houses!

Today’s activities were slightly less involved than yesterday, and therefore not as exciting, but fun nonetheless.


I started by going to visit this beauty of a home. That had no air conditioning. In 90+ degree weather. (Only because it was broken, so I was told) Regardless, this home was startlingly furnished inside, and done with impeccable taste. I wonder if these women just knew how to decorate and picked pieces up as they found them on their travels or hired a decorator. Hmm, something I shall have to ponder.

Maymont Stairs
The grounds around the home were what made it. 10 acres of gardens (Italian, Japanese, and herb), including a Nature Center (did not go) and various animals (also did not see). If I have time, I’ll definitely need to go back and walk around some more. See the animals and more of the grounds. I’d suggest taking a picnic lunch. Couples were all over in these hidden gazebos – very romantical.

Maymont Waterfall

So, after sweating bullets for a few hours, I headed over to Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream in Carytown for a little snack and was blown away. It was so very good. I highly suggest it if you’re ever in this area.

Maymont Pond

Tomorrow’s Plan: Visit the VA Capitol Building. Maybe I’ll finally get some of that shopping in I’ve been looking forward to!


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