A Thank You Letter

Dear B,

Thank you for the Bedford Candies. My joy was unparalleled as I looked at the return address and saw the iconic Pennsylvania address.

I’m not sure if you know, but I’m working very hard on the Couch to 5K Program. In fact, I’m in Week 4, so I’m about halfway to running a 5K. Doing this has allowed me to lose a few pounds, which has been much appreciated due to the upcoming bathing suit season.

Now look at those beauties. Could you turn them down? Of course not. No one could, especially when they come from this wonderful place. So, I say to you:

Thank you for helping me to gain the weight back.

Thank you for bringing me back down to Earth and out of the FinallyLosingWeight clouds.

You are the best,

PS – I’m not complaining. Feel free to send more.

(all photos from Bedford Candies)


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