Graduation Gifts

I realize that we’re at the tail end of graduation season, but I’ve got two cousins graduating from college this year, and I am stuck on what to get them. I realize that money is probably the most accepted gift, and I have no problem giving that, as long as something else is attached. Something more meaningful. Something that will help them as they approach first jobs, solo apartments, and independent living.

Initially, I wanted to get one or both of the grads an updated Emily Post etiquette book. This was vetoed by some as possibly offensive, but my thoughts are that everyone should know how to behave in any situation, and adults entering the “real world” for the first time could benefit from this book. I’m stuck on what to do here. I’m not a fan of gifting money, but I will if nothing else is appropriate. Surely money + something is a possibility. What are your thoughts?


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