I Love My Town

Background info: B and I tend to frequent a Jersey Mike’s that is very near a retirement community called Sun City. It’s a gated community, but everyone there has a golf cart that they drive to the Harris Teeter and other businesses nearby. It’s hilarious to me, as someone from the city, to see this. Anyway…

While at Jersey Mike’s on Monday, an older lady comes in, orders, pays, and goes to get her drink. She yells out (kid you not, yells) “Hey y’all! You’re out of pink lemonade! I’m pressing the button but just water is coming out!”

The boy behind the counter indulges this woman and checks behind the counter to make sure that he doesn’t need to refill it. A few seconds later, he comes back and asks, “Ma’am? Were you pressing the PUSH button or the WATER button to the side?”

To which, she replies (after pressing PUSH), “Oh, haha. Well, I’m from Sun City!”

Because that’s an excuse.


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