Some days, I worry if I have agoraphobia. I know that, in reality, I don’t and I mean not to diminish the importance of the disease for those who do have it. Regardless…

Sometimes, I just have no interest in leaving my house. I would rather hang here with my book or TV than go wandering around the stores. I’d rather have my friends over here for drinks than go out to a bar.

Today, I had to go to Target for laundry detergent, and figured I’d walk around since it’s a good 30 minutes away. Get my money’s worth, so to speak. But really, after I got what I needed, I just wanted to get home. And so I did.

It’s not like my apartment is anything special, but it’s home and I love being here. Granted, there are days that the cabin fever is so strong that I have to get out and do something, 30 minute ride or not. And, I suppose that’s what keeps me knowing that it’s not actual agoraphobia. And, thankfully, this desire to stay home is saving me money, since I’m not out spending it, so it’s not all that bad.

I really don’t mean to sound shameful or pitiful, because I do get together with friends throughout the week fairly regularly, but times other than those? I’d just rather hang here.

Now I need to do something useful with my time at home this summer. A little more baking, a little more organizing.


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