Book Review #1 – 4

Now that I’m a few books into my reading for this summer, I thought I’d offer a recap of which books I liked and which I didn’t.

The Same Sweet Girls

This book was not at all what I expected it to be. It approaches the dynamics of a group of friends as they get older. The interactions between them remind me so much of those between my own friends and myself. They love each other despite everything they go through in life. It’s very touching, but there are times that I just wanted to scream at the girls to get their heads on straight. The end, while predictable about halfway through the book, was not what I expected when I first picked it up. Overall, it was a really good book, but not the light summer read I was hoping for.

Plain Jane: A Novel of Jane Seymour

I love the Tudors. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that before. Someone once told me that I know more about their family history than my own, and sometimes I wonder if it’s true (side note: I found out this week that my great- great-aunt came into town and is recently married to a Cherokee. Great-Great-Aunt, who?). There’s not a great deal published on Jane Seymour, so I was excited to find this book. Jane is portrayed exactly like I thought she would be: sweet and innocent, not quite knowing what she was getting into marrying Henry VIII. She must have been very strong to marry a man who had just broken from the church to divorce is first wife and then beheaded his second wife 10 days prior. Yes, she married Henry a mere 10 days after Anne Boleyn died! Crazy! Anyway, it was a good book, fairly accurate, but not as well written as Philippa Gregory’s historical novels.

Kissing Babies at the Piggly Wiggly

I don’t usually quit books. Like it or not, I always read through to the end because maybe, just maybe, the end will justify the rest. But, this book – I couldn’t do it. I had JUST gone to the library to get a whole new stack of books that were begging to be read. It has an interesting premise: long-standing mayor of a small town faces unprecedented opposition in the upcoming election. AND, it was written by a man, so I was willing to read a southern book from a different perspective. After about 50 pages, I still just couldn’t get into it, I wasn’t interested in what was happening or even who would win the election.

Something Borrowed

They’re making this into a movie, and I’ve heard so much about the more recent of the books by this author, I thought I’d give it a shot. Written in 2003, I’m a little behind the game in reading it, admittedly. The further I got into the book, the more I realized that I HAD in fact read it, probably close to when it first came out. As I read it this time, I felt much more connected to the main character as she realized she was not in a place in life that she loved. Having spent her life always doing the right things, getting the grades, going to college, getting the job, it just put her in a place that she wasn’t happy with. Now, I don’t approve of her other choices and I occasionally wanted to shake her (see, I’m still a rule-follower), but overall I liked the book. Enough so that I read it in two days. I can’t wait to get through these other books I have so I can go read Something Blue.


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