Random Updates

Did anyone else watch Square One? I did occasionally, but only to catch an episode of MathNet. I’ll admit (and anyone in my family will agree) that I was a bit of a nerd as a child, but I claim it’s all my mother’s fault since she was the math teacher and also quite the math nerd. For some reason, this show popped into my mind today and I watched an episode or two on YouTube.  Things sure look a lot different to me as an adult.

Today, I found the NieNie Dialogues. A little late in the game, but I think I’m all caught up. Stephanie’s outlook on life is inspirational, as is her view of marriage, motherhood, and family. The love she shares with her children and her husband blow me away. She lets it shine in an unassuming and meaningful way. I’m inspired.

I realized, thanks to another blogger, that some of my old friends were falling to the wayside. It has all be unintentional, but quite obvious as soon as I realized. It makes me so sad to think about these girls who were there for such important parts of my life, aren’t anymore. All because of a few missed phone calls, a busy weekend. A few texts, emails, and plans later? We’re working on it.

Have you seen any of Brian Regan’s standup? Holy Toledo, Batman. I was crying as I watched him (thanks to Netflix) this weekend. Greeting cards? My, oh, my. Please watch.


One thought on “Random Updates

  1. I was stuck on the NieNie Dialogues today too!!! Read through so many posts – loved it. Funny that you were there too :)

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