A Series of Letters

Dear Target Cashier,

Just because you gave me the wrong change and I pointed it out to you does not mean that you can be rude by huffing and puffing at me. It also does not mean that you should ring up the next customer and push my things out of the way while I’m still putting my (corrected) change into my wallet.

Thank you,


Dear Driver of the Car That Was Going So Fast I Couldn’t See What Type It Is,

I’m sorry that I was only going 40 in a 35 through a small town. I’m even more sorry that you had to change lanes to pass me. Most of all, though, I’m sorry there’s so much hate in your heart that you felt the need to yell at me for it.



Dear Blue Honda Accord Driver,

Your car is small, but it is not a golf cart. Please refrain from parking in the golf cart parking spots.



Dear ChickFilA,

I love you.

Always yours,


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