My knee-jerk reaction to problems is to avoid them. Nothing to write on the blog? AVOID. No where to put all of the school/work things I brought home? AVOID. School starting in a month and a half? AVOID.

Target School Supplies

Only, Target’s making that one a bit harder. Do you realize they’re already putting out school supplies? I wanted to cry. It’s hard to avoid when it’s Right. In. My. Face.

Lettuce 1

Also a problem I can’t avoid? The fact that all this rain has all but killed my lettuce. I really thought we had survived the Lettuce Death after I stupidly transplanted them in wicked summer heat. Didn’t even think of Death By Too Much Rain.

Lettuce 2

Yes, I have quite literally poured the water out of the pots (twice) and then said a little prayer that tomorrow will be very hot to dry the rest up (sorry to request the heat).

So, despite my tendency to avoid unsavory issues, there are, occasionally, times when I can’t avoid them forever. Really, it’s probably for the best, and I realize that. I don’t like it, but I realize it. A little problem confrontation never hurt anyone, I suppose. Maybe a little less avoidance is in order. Maybe.


One thought on “Avoidance

  1. Girl, I’m so with you – I avoid things too if I don’t want to do them. Then sometimes I get into moods where I just want to do everything and get it all out of the way. Who knows, what the best way is to do things. Ha!

    Fish camp was so good. I had been a few times before. Quite the experience though – haha! That is culture down there in Fort Lawn!!!

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