Tennessee and Kentucky Trip, Part 1

B and I always try to see a bit of Americana every Independence Day, by experiencing new places and crazy adventures. We’ve seen the fireworks over Mount Rushmore and gotten yelled at after sneaking onto Sheryl Crow’s stage in Philadelphia. This year, we thought we’d keep it “local” and closer to home, since we didn’t have a great deal of time due to work and school schedules.


Our first stop was Knoxville to eat at Calhoun‘s, a BBQ joint I’ve been hearing about since we started dating umpteen years ago. Apparently, there’s a minor bit of construction downtown, so after driving THROUGH the Vol’s stadium and missing our turn, we landed at Calhoun’s. And, y’all? It was delish. I didn’t finish my food (Miracle! I swear I eat constantly) because there was that much on the plate. If you go, I highly suggest the Trio Plate, which had ribs, pulled pork, and chicken tenders. I’m drooling! B’s momma suggested the desserts, which I gladly would have given into had there been room in my belly, but it was not meant to be.

So, my overall judgment: If they shipped, and they should, I’d very happily take another Trio plate with a bottle each of the BBQ sauce and honey mustard dressing. Oh, my my…

Up Next: Candy!


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