Tennessee and Kentucky Trip, Part 2

So, after leaving Calhoun’s, we headed to Frankfort, a surprisingly cute little down. We were aiming for Rebecca Ruth Candies. Thank goodness for Google Street View, so we knew as we were driving through a neighborhood that we were, in fact, in the correct place.


You see, Rebecca Ruth Candies is in a little house. Surrounded by other houses. I wonder how they feel about that? Anyway, they make 3 million candies in this house each year and I am here to attest to the fact that they are a-may-zing.

We got to take a little (10 minute) tour of the factory, which made me feel like I was in an episode of Unwrapped. I wasn’t a fan of the couple on the tour with us, mostly because he asked stupid questions and she was so interested in B that she was being rude to her hubby. No, B didn’t encourage this and was very good about staying away from her. Anyway, the candy…

All made in house, and the cream centers are made by hand. I’ve never seen a larger copper pot or Kitchenaid mixer in my life. It was loverly. Definitely the best part were the candies, primarily being the infamous Bourbon Balls, which they claim to have invented. They inject the bourbon after the candies have cooked, so none of it is cooked out. And, you can tell! After eating the free one that comes with the tour (annoying couple ate 3 each, bought none), we bought a pound to take home. We’re good alcoholics like that.

Kidding, they’re for other people. Mostly.

We were also a HUGE fan of the Puffamels. It’s basically a caramel coated marshmallow. And our biggest mistake was only buying 2 and none to bring home. I’m still dreaming about those things and really should order a few more. Bourbon balls, too (we’re almost out).

I’m starting to think this trip was all about food.

Up Next: Horses, Burgers, and Bourbon!


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