Tennessee and Kentucky Trip, Part 3

Finally, a post that doesn’t start with food! It includes food, yes (if I’m involved, so is my food), but not at the beginning.

Churchill Downs 1

Our next stop was the infamous Churchill Downs. It was way more gorgeous and crowded than I expected it to be. We were feeling a bit overrun as there was apparently a race going on that night and men were heckling drivers to park in their lots. Umm, no thanks. So, these photos were taken from the passenger’s seat of the car as we skedaddled on past.

Churchill Downs 2

I am, truthfully, amazed at how pretty it is and can only wish we had gotten to see the inside. We were NOT impressed with the surrounding city and aren’t sure if it was a result of the impending race or the city in general. Maybe one day we’ll go back and my opinion will change. Is there something in Louisville we missed??


To make up for the unanticipated crowd at Churchill Downs, we stopped at one of my all time favorite fast food joints to gorge ourselves on butter burgers and custard. There aren’t any Culver’s in North or South Carolina, so I only get to eat here on our yearly trips, assuming we’re visiting a place near one. I feel like I have gone on and on about the food during this trip, but let me just say: Culver’s didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait until next year.

Buffalo Trace 4

We also visited the Buffalo Trace Distillery, although it was closed by the time we got there. Regardless, driving onto the property was an amazing experience.

Buffalo Trace 1

Windows rolled down, you can smell the sweet bourbon. I’m not a fan of bourbon, but just loved the way the whole place smelled. We walked around just a little bit and were in awe of the size of the whole distillery operation.

Buffalo Trace2

I really can’t get over the smell. It’s sweet like birthday cake but not strong enough to be over powering.

Up Next: Touring the Wild Turkey Distillery!


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