The Brand Spankin’ New Theater (or Not)

Do you ever have an experience, even a small one, that leaves you feeling like you just opened your eyes for the first time?

At the beginning of the summer, I declared that Tuesday was going to be movie day. In fact, I called it Movie Tuesday. Clever, no? I was going to go see a movie every Tuesday. We all know I love some routines, and this was perfect. I don’t see a lot of movies during the school year (why, I wonder?), so I was going to savor this $15 mini-date every week.

That lasted two weeks.

I’ve learned that during the summer, I tend to prefer lighter, movies. Ones that make me laugh, maybe make me think a bit, but definitely not ones that scare or challenge me. For some reason, I’m all over that in the wintertime. Meh.

Anyway, I’ve always gone to the same theater in Charlotte, mostly due to its proximity and partly due to thinking it was the only one around. Which is, in fact, stupid. (What’s also stupid is that it took me 3 tries to spell that correctly). There’s quite an obvious theater even closer than that one.

See that big tower? That’s a 5 screen theater that shows movies no one else around is showing. Um, duh! So, this week, for Movie Tuesday, I beat back my worry of going to new places and ventured into the Theater I’ve Forgotten About for the 3 Years I’ve Lived Here.

Verdict? I’m never going anywhere else. It was small (maybe 80 seats) and had a very quiet lobby despite the fact that people were sitting around on the couches (!!) talking. Their popcorn wasn’t too good, which is actually a plus because then I won’t want to order it anymore. And – here’s the best part. They serve beer. And wine. Not great wine, but wine nonetheless. The other theater I’ve been going to? Got fancy by serving pretzels. I’m telling you, I am movie theater spoiled now.

It’s no secret that I have champagne taste on this beer (teacher!) budget, but going here let me experience just a little bit of the champagne ON the beer budget. Love it!


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