Teacher Week: Open House!

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It’s Teacher Week over at Babbling Abby, and I couldn’t wait to participate! The beginning of school is fast approaching, so it seems to be all that’s on my mind! How fitting that I should blog about it, too? Here are a few things you may not know about me as a teacher…

1. I taught 3rd grade for 3 years. This year, my 4th, I’ll be teaching 4th grade.

2. Every year has brought some form of transition for me. My first year, I taught science and social studies. The next year, I taught math and science. The following year, we moved to self-contained (teaching all subjects). This year, I’ll be self-contained again, but am moving to a different grade.

3. Along those same lines, I have packed up my classroom every single summer since I started teaching. I’ve then moved rooms and had to unpack everything again in the fall. I hope this current classroom is going to stick!

4. I really hate textbooks. I feel like they don’t offer the amount of differentiation that my students need, so I don’t use them. This year, my team has decided to forgo all textbooks, with the exception of math (Everyday Math, bleh) and the language arts comprehension workbook (great for subs!).

5. I’m currently working on my master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology, hoping that one day I can create all of those awesome websites and programs that help students meet their individual goals.

6. I’m a nerd about education! I love reading different websites and professional development books to get new ideas. I have a great team that does the same and is willing to share ideas. They’re also not afraid to try something new! My current motto (borrowed from a professional development) is: “If you’re riding a horse and it dies, GET OFF!” As in: if something’s not working and you’ve tried it to the best of your ability, then stop riding the dead horse! It’s time to find a new mode of transportation.

7. I teach in a very low-income school. We are well over 90% free and reduced price lunch. I love teaching here, because I get to be with students as they experience things for the first time. We took our students to the ocean last year for the first time, and the look on their faces was priceless!

8. I’m a little obsessed about things being put away and in order. Last year, my students knew to order their desks “books on the left, notebooks on the right.” Books were stacked in order of use: Science (bottom), social studies,  reading, math (top). We cleaned out the desks twice a year, because those are the only times they needed it. Obsessive? Yes. Orderly classroom? Absolutely.

9. Other than the obvious desire for higher pay, my biggest wish is for more parent involvement. I wish they’d come in and ask me questions, but many of them feel intimidated by school, on principle, based on their prior experiences. It’s very sad and something we’re working on fixing.

10. I love school supplies. The beginning of the year holds so much promise, held in those crayons, notebooks, and pencils. I love shopping for them at the beginning of each year!


2 thoughts on “Teacher Week: Open House!

  1. What are your favorite teaching blogs/websites? I’m starting my first year as a middle school math teacher at a special education school!!

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