Teacher Week: Creative Ideas

It’s Day 3 of Teacher Week! For some reason, I feel like I’m falling short on coming up with any creative ideas that I use in my classroom. I think the stress of this week is finally catching up with me, as I’ve been back at work trying to set up my room and moderate any crises.  I’m sure that none of these are all that creative, but here goes anyway:

  • Vistaprint – I have made a multitude of things with them, but my favorites are the magnetic business cards and conference post cards. My principal got hooked after seeing what I got and has decorated both her office and the front hall with small car magnets and small banners. I love seeing what all people come up with!
  • Color code your planner – We use giant Total Teacher planners, and everything is color coded by subject, with weekends colored red. It makes things very easy to see at a quick glance. I’ll be sure to post photos tomorrow during the classroom tour, so you can see what I mean.
  • A 12 Month Calendar – I keep up 9 months of the calendar up at all times, with all tests and holidays written in. As we finish a month, we put a giant X over it, on which the students write everything we learned that month. It really helps them to visualize the passage of time and see past material at a glance.

That’s it for tonight, my dears. It’s time for this tired girl to read a few pages and collapse on the bed. Just as an FYI, Day 4 of Teacher Week will post pretty late since we have Open House.


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