Teacher Week: Classroom Tour

It’s day 4 of Teacher Week, and I’m a little sad! I’ve “met” some really wonderful blogs each day and gathered so many new ideas. I hate that it’s almost over…

I just got home from Open House and am slap wore out! So, I am going to make this short and sweet. I’ll bombard you with photos and let you know the basics of what’s there. If you have any other questions, or I don’t clarify something well enough, leave some comment love and I’ll answer in the next post (tomorrow).

The knowledge tree outside of my door. We have grand plans for this as the year progresses, including filling it with vocabulary words that the students find in their reading.

The view when you walk in the door. That big ole white yellow wall is brand new and they won’t let us hang a thing up on it. It makes things look a little bland.

My small group table on the left and easel/chair on the right. This is where I do most of my teaching.

This is to the left of the door. It has all of our writing supplies, a chart for learning intentions and the 9 month calendar I mentioned yesterday.

This is my very unorganized library. My small group table is to the right of this. The book in baskets have been sorted and labeled, but I still have to get to all those on the bottom. I’ve been using BookCat, which I highly recommend.

The brown spot on the far right is the back bookshelf of the library. My filing cabinet and graded paper box are behind the partitions. In fact, as I was getting ready for Open House, I might have thrown (yes, literally) a box or two back there. It’s turning into dangerous territory. The cubbies hold book boxes and reader’s notebooks. Blue for boys, lime green for girls.

The Cafe board above the computers, which are next to the reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauruses).

My 24 hour clock and genre posters. Love the clock! There are 24 hours in a day – 8 to play, 8 to sleep, and 8 to work. If you play during your work time, then you’ll have to work during your play time. Love the visual reminder!

This is my planner, that I talked about yesterday. Notice it’s not filled in? Ha! I haven’t planned a thing yet for this year. That’ll happen tomorrow. Anyway, it’s huge – about the size of a student desk. I love it!

This is a page from last year. The actual planner has 3 years worth of pages, with 5 weeks fitting on each page. Notice that the sections are very different? I realized that some subjects needed more space, or their own space, so I changed it up this year. The post it notes are my notes on what worked and what didn’t, so I’ll know for this year.

I think that about wraps it up. I realize that it’s a little bland now, but most of the (available) wall space and ceiling tiles will be covered with anchor charts by the end of the year. All in good time!


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