What I Know About Myself

I am stubborn.

I’m also quiet, non-confrontational, and passive-aggressive. But, today, it became obvious how stubborn I really am.

I had a ridiculously stressful first week of school, for reasons I cannot fully disclose (for obvious reasons). But, what I can say is that I now have more students in my class than any other teacher and a principal who keeps forgetting to even things out. In an effort to solve this amongst my teammates, we tried to decide how to split my students fairly. “Fair” apparently also means that I lose my high scoring children and keep the behavior issues. I’m frustrated, irritated, and ill beyond belief. This weekend, I finally reached a conclusion:

I will fight this battle and I will win.

I will keep all of my students. I will help the ill-behaved children calm down. I will boost every child’s test scores. I will encourage better reading, better spelling, and better math skills. I refuse to let any child go because I was given each of them for a reason.

It’s going to be hard and I’ve already cried like a baby once, but I can do it. I will. I have to.


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