Thoughts for a Monday

Last week was the first week of school with students. I was absolutely worn out and disappeared from blogs and Twitter for the week. I’m back on both (writing, reading, and commenting) and am so thankful!

My darling B has been here for the past week and I have so enjoyed spending the evenings with him, having someone to cook for and drink wine with in the evenings. We have laughed so much this week, which has been such a delight to come home to after work.  I can’t wait to marry that man one day.

I bought Sharpie pens on Sunday and haven’t written with anything else since. I love them so much. It was a spur of the moment purchase while I was out looking for the Sharpie liquid pencils that apparently don’t come out until September. I can’t wait for those!!

I’m debating whether or not to join a gym. There’s only one in this town, so I don’t have a lot of choices, but it sure would be nice to have someone telling me how to work out, whether than just walking on the treadmill at the apartment gym. Decisions, decisions.

I think I’m going to start a vintage Pyrex bowl collection. Paula Deen has an adorable one on her show now. I think my momma’s got the same one, in fact. Yep, I might just do that.


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