Changing the Way I Eat

I am not a healthy eater. It’s no secret how much I love my cupcakes and hate my vegetables. I do try to keep things mildly healthy in that I avoid fast food if possible and eat organic when I remember.

When B was here last, it become terribly obvious how awful my eating habits are. I’ve got to eat healthier and get into better shape. I’m signing up for a gym membership next month, which will help.

As of right now, my favorite veggies are corn, green beans, and sweet potatoes (none of which actually qualify as veggies). How sad is that? So, here’s the plan: for the time being, I’m only buying organic or super healthy. I also need to start trying new things until I like them. My stubbornness is coming out big time, which might be beneficial for once.

The object of my obsession for this week is: Peppers.

I made pepper steak with smallish bits of green peppers (I ate most of them, but not all).
I bought roasted red pepper hummus with pita chips for my afternoon snack (changing things up, Shocker!)
I also got a green pepper to do something with this week, although I’m not sure yet. Here’s where I need your help.

How do you cook green peppers? What’s your favorite GP recipe?


One thought on “Changing the Way I Eat

  1. I love veggies! Have you tried something that’s a little more fun like Artichokes, Asparagus? The one veggie I’m not a huge fan of is peppers – although I love them raw, I hate them cooked! I know, I’m weird.

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