The Importance of a Vacation

I just got home from a fantastic vacation with B’s family, during which we goofed around at the beach, went to a wedding, and ate way too much. I took my first personal day from work in 4 years in order to go, and I don’t regret that at all. Over the long weekend, I learned:

  • Spending the evening drinking wine on the deck is one of the best things ever.
  • A whole weekend without television is possible. It’s preferable, almost.
  • All weddings are very different, but it’s so important to make sure yours matches your own personality.
  • It is possible to not think about work for 4 days, even after staying up until midnight sending in revised sub plans because I kept thinking of things I left out.
  • I’m definitely a mountain person, but the beach takes a wonderful second place.
  • Long distance relationships are tough, but reunions make it all worth it.
  • I think I’m secretly a cheeseball. Love my B and spending time with him.

So, there was my Labor Day in a nutshell. What’d you learn over the holiday?


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