Tuesday Updates

Here’s a miscellaneous update on what’s been going on around here:

Grad school started back after two weeks of a “summer break.” I’m thankful because it means I’m one more class closer to  having my master’s. At the same time, I’m dreading having to write papers and discussion postings again.

Our speech therapist at work passed away this weekend after a 5 month battle with cancer. It was peaceful, but we’re all still a bit sad about it. They’re letting us dismiss our children 15 minutes early in order to go to the funeral tomorrow. Such thoughtfulness from our superintendent and her husband (for scheduling it after school) in this time.

I’ve been out of my class in professional development for 2 days. I miss my kids and I miss teaching. Who would have thought it?

I’ve got a wedding, wedding shower, and baby shower within the next two weeks. My bank account isn’t loving that I’m having to buy all these gifts! Regardless, I’m so excited for all these girls and the changes that are happening in their lives.

Speaking of changes, I think I love fall more this year than any other. Cool weathers, warmer colors, and chili?? Sign me up!

I will be turning 26 next month and am freaking out a bit about it. I’ll officially be in my late 20s. Wowsers.

I think that about wraps it up for today…What’s going on in your world?


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