Things I’m In Love With: Wine

This week, I’m going to share a few of my loves with you, whether it be wine or cleaning products. By doing this, I hope that I can offer a few suggestions to some of you and get more ideas in return! So, let me know what you think about these products, or if there is anything I need to try!

I’m not a red wine drinker usually, but this Cooper Hill Pinot Noir is fantastic. I don’t know how to dissect the tastes of a wine, but I will say that it wasn’t too strong yet it is very flavorful. I, in essence, loved it! I found this wine through the Vintner Wine Market in Charlotte; it’s listed as one of their top 10 wines.

This is my current favorite. It was my first time to try a Torrontes, and I’m sold on it! The Sur de Los Andes Torrontes is very light but full of flavor. It’s perfect for a summer evening. I’m not sure how we found out about this wine, but I think it was recommended at our local wine store.

So, those are my two favorite wines. What are yours?


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