A Very Random Post

Tonight I am soaking my fingers in pure acetone to get my grown out gel nails off. I hate what this is doing to my skin, especially the chemicals that my body is absorbing, but there is no other way. Never again, my friends. Even if they did look good at the time.

Did I ever tell you about the student who drew a picture of me on a bed? B was there also, as my leg was up over his head. I took it to the principal, in shock, since the girl had given it to me thinking it was a “beautiful picture.” Good night, I wish I was that flexible.

We have to wear Fall Hats to work tomorrow, which means I’m donning a baseball hat covered with taped photos of Halloween and fall items. Tacky much?

So, there’s not much going on around here in this small town. I’m hoping for a trip into Charlotte Saturday to go to Trader Joe’s, Target, and maybe a movie. What are you all up to this weekend?


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