Figuring Things Out

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I knew I would be spending a number of blog posts discussing my journey to finding myself and discovering who I am as an adult. At this point, after the small blog break that I took, I realize that that is not what this blog is anymore. I wonder if I was ever really there?

I love reading blogs about how people live, the minute details of their lives. But, that’s not me. I’m not the girl that tells everyone what I ate for every meal or posts photos of what I wore each day.

So, who am I?

What do I want this blog to be?

Those are, in essence, the essential questions, and ones I am trying to figure out. I think I need to go back towards my original direction since that is where I am in life.

So please bear with me as I reconfigure the blog and figure out where I want my posts to be. I hope this week I can push through and get back to sharing this journey with you, without the extra “fluff” that annoys even me.


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