Being Supportive

I joined a gym last week. A real gym with a personal trainer. I’ve been very sore, but I’m loving the feeling of getting back into shape. The tightening in my muscles, the stretch as I reuse long forgotten ones. Love it all.

I realize that we are all different. We all have different needs and desires when it comes to support. For me? I need someone encouraging me and egging me on. I tend to get discouraged if someone my trainer is spending the majority of our time just picking on me.

Please understand that this guy is never mean or discouraging. He is constantly, instead, cracking jokes about where I went to school or what I do for a living. He picks on my forgetfulness to breathe when I’m working out. He favors my coworker and makes these jokes about me to her, so that I can hear (he thinks all this is funny).

I’m worried, knowing my own tendencies, that I will begin to lose interest in continuing to work out, in going to the gym. I’ve mentioned this to him in a lighthearted manner (hate confrontation, anyone?), but it obviously didn’t do the trick. Is it ugly for me to tell him to just shove it? Can’t I just tell him to either be supportive or leave?

So, how do you deal with unsupportive (or ill-supportive) trainers?


One thought on “Being Supportive

  1. This is just me because I’m like that but I’d dump him and ask for a new trainer. People tend to have their own “manner” in which they have succeeding coaching and it won’t fit everyone’s styles. If you like him as a trainer and this is the only thing that’s bugging you, why not pull him aside before the next training session and just mention that you love to continue training with him but you respond better to supportive encouragement rather than jokes or fun little teases.

    Congrats on the new routine though! That’s awesome. I can’t wait to get back into the gym mode after Peanut’s born.

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