A New Year, A New Focus

Things have been alarmingly quiet around this blog lately, despite my announcement that I was back to blogging. There are hundreds of excuses I could give, that I want to give, but I’ll refrain.

The truth this, I’ve been working a good bit behind the scenes changing up the template and creating a more user-friendly blog. I wanted something that I loved to look at, something that invited me in to read, something that I was proud of. My overarching thought was: if it did all that for me, then surely it would work the same for my readers.

I’m nowhere near done, so expect more changes as I figure out how to work with WordPress in the limited capacity that I am able. But, I hope you find the new layout and (coming soon) features as I am able to debut them.

In addition to the new layout, I have felt a stirring in my heart to change this blog’s focus. In reality, it’s more like adding a focus since I always just blog about whatever comes to mind. I’m sure much of that will be coming this year, but I will be centering many posts around completing 12 yet-to-be-decided goals.

Instead of having lots of New Year’s resolutions that never amount to anything, I have decided to have 12 small goals that I will work to accomplish each and every month – 1 goal per month. I’ll work through that one goal every day of the month and then move on once the new month begins.  I’m still not sure what each goal will be or which month they will correspond to, so I’m hoping that they come to me as I need them. As of now, here are some goals I’ve been thinking of:

  • No extraneous spending
  • Trying a new hobby
  • Eating only organic fruits / veggies
  • Reading a new genre of book
  • No complaining

I will, of course, be posting my progress and meltdowns throughout the month, because I realize that nothing is worth achieving if it comes too easily. These are designed to stretch me in new ways: give me new experiences, declutter my life, put me out of my comfort zone.

I encourage you to try the same, even if you do not choose the same goals that I do. Grab my button (on the right sidebar) and link up with your achievements.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my first monthly goal, which I’m a little nervous about. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful New Year. Drink a little, laugh a lot!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream – C. S. Lewis


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