Choosing A Paint Color

Administrative Note: I’ve spent the past few weeks months not at my blog for a variety of reasons, mostly due to a need to figure out where I belong in the much increasing blog world. The formatting will change as my header doesn’t fit in the appropriate space, apparently. A few other tweaks will occur, but I hope…I think… this begins my entrance back into blogging.

Lately, I’ve been considering painting my walls. This is the first apartment that I’ve lived in, in which my landlord welcomes painting. I’ve lived here for a year, too scared to bite the bullet and chose a color. This week, however, I’ve decided to just try my hand at it. I’m starting in the bathroom because it’s the smallest in area, and therefore will have the smallest chance to me to make a huge mistake.

The first step was to put up a variety of paint chips from Home-Empty My Wallet-Depot. I know I wanted a light green, so I grabbed a bunch that struck my fancy.

After a few days, I cut the cards apart and just picked 4 or 5 that I liked. I’m a bit antsy, so by the end of the day I had my mind made up to get sample pots of the bottom two colors. On the way out the door, I grabbed the darkest color on a whim. Not sure why, but I’m sure glad I did (more on that later).

As a side note: I’m loving the little paint pots offered by Glidden and Behr, although I’m partial to the Glidden. The built in brush is super handy and saves me the extra few minutes of washing out a regular brush between colors. Who can pass up saved minutes, even if it’s only a handful?

Anyway, I slapped up the three colors on the wall. As I was painting, I knew immediately that the bottom color wasn’t going to cut it since it’s practically invisible. Even the middle color is barely there. Great for undies, not great for paint. I wanted something different, so these colors just aren’t cutting it.

Here are the same colors, in the same order on another wall. I’m not positive why, but they’re a little easier to see. Those fancy shmancy arrows will help, I’m sure.

This is where the spontaneity that is so unlike me came in handy. That top color, the one I grabbed “on a whim?” Love it. It’s green, but not to bright. It’s not neon or too dark. I’m terrified of actually painting the walls, but as Momma says, “It’s just paint. If you hate it, you can paint over it.”


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