Why I Should Not Be Allowed to Pick Out Paint Color

I really tried to be thoughtful and purposeful in my decision regarding which color to paint the bathroom. I put up paint chips. I painted swatches on three different walls. I carried my chosen chip to Lowe’s to color-match it to no VOC paint.

Once I was there, I broke my cardinal rule of shopping – I started looking around. I’m a very slow, must-look-at-everything shopper, much to the chagrin of a certain few people I love dearly. Despite knowing it was a bad idea, I stumbled upon these handy little booklets printed by Olympic and Lowe’s that are designed to help you color match your entire house.

I can already hear it now… “Uh oh.” And, you’re right.

I flipped through Rejuvenate quickly and saw that the bathroom was green. Not green like I had picked out. Green. Lime green. I looked at the swatch in my hand. I looked back at the paint. I looked at the swatch again. I grabbed a new, lime green paint chip and handed it over to the paint mixer lady before I could change my mind. As I walked around picking up rollers and tape, I started questioning myself. Majorly.

When I got home and opened up the paint, I freaked out a little. A lot. But, I painted anyway. I kept repeating what my momma had said about painting over it. I reminded myself that I love lime green. (Side note: do you know what I got from my students for Christmas? A lime green blanket and a lime green watch. It’s no secret how much I adore this color)

A painted nose, unintentionally highlighted hair, and one coat completed…I’m thinking it might be a bit too dark for my taste. Kidding, but it sure is bright! I put up the old shower curtain to test it out I definitely need to re-accessorize, but I think it’s a good start. After only a very mild freak out, I really do think I like this color. Every day that I’ve walked in, I love it a little bit more. I always thought I was a neutral person, someone who decorated in whites and tans, but I’m realizing that this is ok, too. It’s alright to step outside of the box, to do something scary, every now and then.


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