Maybe I am a fan of neutrals

I finally broke down and bought a few white accessories for the bathroom. A new shower curtain and bathmat in bright white does wonders for the green. It’s still a work in progress, but my goodness, a little neutral does good things for my bathroom.

The old shower curtain was too busy for such a strong green color, while the white provides a nice amount of contrast. Now, when I go in there, I see a calming room, not pink and purple flowers surrounded by 46 shades of green.

But, can I rave about this rug for just a minute? Besides the need for vacuuming (belt is broken; Target, here I come!), it is – without a doubt – the most comfortable rug I have ever stepped upon. For a whopping $9.99 at Home Goods, I feel like I’m stepping onto a cloud every morning while I fix my hair and put on my face.

There are still a few more changes that I would like to make to complete the whole picture. Coming up next: A set of white towels (down with the dark green!) and some wall art on the cheap!


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