A Trip to Mast General Store

I recently got to visit the Mast General Store in the capital city with the boyfriend and the in-laws. I’ve heard a good bit about it, but never been in this particular store. I snapped away a boat-load of pictures just for you…Or for the boyfriend should he need any ideas for birthday gifts. ;)

Can you read what that jar is? It’s most definitely ComPOOst from the local zoo. From the elephant exhibit. So, yea… After seeing this beauty, I knew deep in my heart what a treat I was in for as I toured the rest of the Mast General Store.

I love all things Tervis Tumbler. I’m a hoarder of all things with a South Carolina flag on it. Thus, my loud squealing when I saw this cup. And, no, I did not buy it, but I will own it one of these days.

If I could sum up what I want my house to look like in one piece of fabric, it would be this napkin (the one on the right, although the other isn’t so bad). The blue and green are strikingly similar to my living room and bathroom paint colors, so I’m trying to see how I can build up the rest of my design around these colors. It’s my very own Sue the Napkin!

Hehehe…because every jar needs a bonnet. For a whopping $1.49, this could  be yours to top any jar (it’s elastic, you see). I do love the south, but maybe I’m missing some vital component to storing items in my pantry.

I want a biscuit bowl. Not a premade one like this, but a real-older than my grandma-used one. The end.

Since we’re talking about all things southern, how would you like your very own Confederate States of America tie? No?!? But, it’s an illustrated history of the Civil War!

I guess a Declaration of Independence tie will have to do. In case you ever forget the words, you can always just look at your tie. Perfect!

I want to leave you with this beauty. It was not found at the general store, but at the shop next door. I’ll admit that it was the shine that caught my attention first. But, oh my. Did you notice the details on the tips? That’s high quality right there!


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