How I was Shamed into Buying New Flowers

There is an apartment in my complex that has a crooked blind. It’s on the second floor and is hanging wonky and bent. I think it looks so tacky; I cringe whenever I drive by. I know I’m not supposed to care what other people think, but I hate to consider what people think when they see that. I live in a fairly nice apartment complex – it’s not the lap of luxury by any stretch of the imagination, but there aren’t many options in this small town.

The next door apartment has been empty for a few weeks, and I have been so curious as to who would move it. Lo and behold a single mother and her teenage daughter moved in this past weekend. As I was standing outside greeting them, I looked over onto my porch to see this:

And I realized…I’m no better than the crooked blind people. What an awful sight for this lady who is starting her life over next door to me.

Yesterday, I hightailed it over to Home Depot to find a handful of annuals that were on sale. Most of them claim to bloom well into the fall, so I’m hoping that they’ll last for a while. Longer than my first set of plants, at least.

After laying out the possibilities and fiddling with the arrangement, I have a brand-spankin’ new  flower pot.

Maybe this time I’ll remember to water them.


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